Street food is the best, when you are travelling abroad. It gives you a feel of the place. You get in touch with the people. Furthermore, the food is inexpensive too. Does street food get a global reputation? Some of them indeed do. From the tacos in Mexico to hot dogs in New York to Pani Puri of India, they are known worldwide. Let’s look into top 10 street foods from around the world.

Nasi Goreng, Indonesia

Nasi Goreng is fried rice which contains onions, garlic, tamarind, chilly and soy sauce. In 2011, it was ranked the 2nd best street food in CNN poll. With $2 per servings, it’s served on thin plate or paper.

Pani Puri, India

One of the best street foods across the world is Indian Pani puri. Its twin variety, Bhel puri is quite popular as well. Mumbai will be the best place to try these dishes. The menu changes entirely when you travel hundred miles away.

Sambusas, Kenya

Sambuasas tempt you to find its connection with the Indian Samosa. These are made of baked pastry with a filling. It can contain spiced potatoes, lentils, onions, peas and sometimes meat too. They are very popular in Asia.

Shish Kebab, Morocco

The usual kebab is just meat and fries. Sheesh kebab is mostly lamb meat. Sometimes it can be made up of beef, pork and chicken too. The meat is served in a skewer with rice, bread roast or sandwiches.

Kokorec, Turkey

The most popular food combination in Turkey is the simit bread and kokorec. Simit bread is basically a big bagel covered in sesame seeds. Kokorec is a dish made of lamb or goat intestines.

Souvlaki, Greece

Souvlaki is a mix of meat and veggies grilled in a skewer. It can be eaten directly from skewer. Along with pita bread, they make excellent side dish to almost anything. You can try this combination for just $6 per serving.

CurryWurst, Germany

Whenever you visit Germany, you got to try their famous currywurst. It’s basically steamed and dried pork sausage. It is cut into pieces and seasoned with tomato sauce. Make sure you try it.

Baguette Sandwiches, France

The generic hotel breakfast is never a smart decision, when you are in France. You can instead go to a corner shop and pick up fresh cheese. You can have a baguette sandwich made especially for you. Bon Appetit!

Hot Dogs, New York

Do they need any introduction? NYC hotdogs are known worldwide. There is more variety to hot dogs than you can imagine. Form corn dog to Chicago dog to all American dog, there’s way too many.

Tacos, Mexico

Tacos and tostados define a part of Mexican culture. Tacos are quite popular to the point they enter most smiley collection. Tostado is a shaped into toasted flat disk and fried until crisp. Both of these food items come with a variety of filling.

If you want us to post something in theme of food and travel, let us know in comments. Bon Voyage!