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Eat What You Love In Thailand

From time immemorial, Thailand is home to an array of food delicacies. Because of its many delicious cuisines, it is difficult to say in a split second, the best of Thai dishes. 

Not only are the foods pleasing to taste, but they are also rich in nutrients. For those who do not care whether a food is beneficial to the body, it is a case of eating what you love in abundance. But for the health-conscious type, there is a need to be selective of the food and level of consumption measured to ensure healthy eating.

Unlike in the West, the Thais eat fresh foods. From Khao Man Gai (chicken and rice), and Thai chili to Pla Nueng Manao (poached fish with lime). These are healthy to eat. Take a look below at some healthy cuisines to consume and dishes to avoid in Thailand.


  • Tom Yum Goong Nam Sigh (Hot and sour soup)

If you are monitoring your calorie intake and wish to have a light carbohydrate dish laced with heavy protein in mind, hot sour soup fits the bill. To ensure the soup is low in calory and carbohydrate, Tom Yum Nam Kan’s version of hot