Cannabis infused drinks have become popular in recent times and many beverage companies, beer giants and other cool drinks company started to keep an eye on the Cannabis market. Several of them are interested and have signed deals with the Canadian Producers.

Are you aware of CBD or know what is CBD?

CBD is a phytocannabinoid is a natural compound found in the plants of Cannabis species.

What is it composed of?

Cannabis infused drinks contain the main ingredient of the weed called CBD, a non-psychoactive element, tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), or even both.  Many people often misinterpret between hemp, marijuana, and cannabis, thinking all are used to make the same drink. However, all three are different from each other. Cannabis is an infused drink prepared either from the plant of Marijuana or Hemp.  Both are different plants but belongs to the same Cannabis family. Both plants look entirely different and need different growing conditions. However, the most noteworthy difference amongst the two plants is in the chemical compounds or cannabinoids they possess.

What’s the actual difference?

The plants which belong to the cannabis family contains a wide range of chemicals and compounds. Marijuana contains a high level of Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), the most chemical cannabinoid compound which has psychoactive properties. Whereas in the case of Hemp, it contains only the traces of this chemical THC, but a substantial amount of CBD, cannabidiol. This CBD actually counteracts with the THC. Terpene is another organic hydrocarbon compound which enhances the aroma of Cannabis.

Is it legal?

In many countries like the USA, it has been accepted for its increased medicinal purposes.  In fact, many countries started to accept Cannabis, due to increased medicinal benefits.

Cannabis Resin

Few health benefits of CBD:

  • It helps to reduce diabetes and obesity. Some of the common health problems among the younger generation are these health issues. Gaining weight gradually due to unhealthy food habits make them vulnerable to getting hormonal imbalances.  
  • It reduces the cholesterol level in the blood by a significant level and decreases the chances of cardiovascular disease.
  • Cancer is one of the chronic diseases in which it is uncurable when the patient is in the last stage of the disease.  However, consuming this CBD helps to prevent cancerous tumor formation.
  • It helps to protect the skin and also helps in developing healthy bones. BD boosts the new bone cell formation and thus reduces the chances of having osteoporosis and arthritis.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory effects which help to reduce the inflammation to a greater extent.
  • It helps to relieve the pain and make the individual comfortable. Apart from this, it also helps the individual to sleep better.
  • Many studies have been proved that it helps the individual break free from stress and anxiety and help to get relief from mood disorders.

Various types of drinks or Cannabis drinks:

  • Cannavines has key ingredients like terpene and CBD.
  • Hemp wine which is a mixture of CBD and mine with no traces of THC.
  • CBD wine is a mixture of wine, CBD and traces of THC.  It is mostly used for relaxation purposes.
  • THC wine is a combination of THC and wine.
  • Non-alcoholic Marijuana wine is in which the alcohol in the wine is replaced with either THC or CBD though it is contradictory.
  • Sparkling cannabis wine depends upon the region it is produced.  It is carbonated and sweet.